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Episode 57: The Ghoul of Grays Harbor

with Jekeva Phillips

Deranged serial killer Billy Gohl might be the most prolific serial killer in US history.  Estimates of his death toll range as high as 200.

Episode 56: Louie Louie

with Jordan Moeller

Louie Louie is a sweet and simple love song, but because of an indecipherable recording by The Kingsmen in the 1960s it became the subject of a year long FBI investigation over indecency charges.

Episode 55: The Rajneeshpuram Cult

with Samantha Demboski

Before changing his name to Osho, spiritual leader Rajneesh led a cult in Oregon that was responsible for the largest bio-terrorist attack on US soul.

Episode 54: The Ballard Locks

with Ben Lidgus

When it came to connecting Lake Washington, Lake Union, and Puget Sound, engineering genius Hiram M. Chittenden developed a system of locks that is a modern marvel.

Episode 53: Bobo the Gorilla

with Caitie Auld

Can you raise a Gorilla to act like a human?  No you can’t, but that didn’t stop one Anacortes family from trying.

Episode 52: The Weyerhaeuser Kidnapping

with Jeff Nickels

In 1935 young George Weyerhaeuser was kidnapped walking home from school in Tacoma.  Over the following days the wealthy lumber family scrambled to meet the ransom demands and get him back safe.

Episode 51: Lavender Country

with John Wachter

Gay country and western band Lavender Country released their first album in 1973.  Despite brilliant songwriting and musicianship the band never achieved mainstream success due to their defiant and “out” content.  

Episode 50: Mount St. Helens

with Emmett Montgomery

In 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted, shooting ash all across the world.  While most panicked, one strong willed resident refused to leave.

Episode 49: Doc Maynard

with Anthony Householder

After his marriage fell apart in Ohio Dr. David Swinson Maynard headed west on the Oregon Trail to get a fresh start in California.  On the way he found love, changed course, and helped found the city of Seattle.

Episode 48: Wild Man of the Wynoochee

with Mike Schubert

John Tornow was an outcast from society who chose to live alone in the seclusion of the woods rather than in society.  After a family dispute turned deadly he became a hunted man in a wilderness he knew better than anyone.

Episode 47: Federal Way

with Greg Stackhouse

Between Seattle and Tacoma sits a town everyone has been through but no one knows anything about.  What is the history behind the worst named city in Washington?

Episode 46: Phoenix Jones

with Daniel Stoltenberg

A costumed man patrols the streets of Seattle looking for crime to fight.  Some call him a hero and others call him delusional. Who is Phoenix Jones?

Episode 45: Black Market Butter

with Michael Draper

A notoriously corrupt Spokane police department spent the Great Depression robbing creameries and selling the stolen butter on the black market.  A murder committed during one of these robberies went unsolved for over fifty years until a modern day investigator solved the case.

Episode 44: The Cult of Ramtha

with Caitlin Obom

J.Z. Knight claims she can channel a 35,000 warrior spirit from the lost continent of Lemuria.  Along with her spirit guide she runs a cult out of the small Washington town of Yelm and has thousands of followers worldwide. 

Episode 43: Mayor Bertha Knight Landes

with Kinzie Shaw

Just a few years after women’s suffrage took effect in Washington, Seattle elected Bertha Knight Landes as it’s mayor. A shrewd politician and dedicated public servant, she served as the first female mayor of a major American city.

Episode 42: War on Monkey Island

with Amalia Larson

Guy Phinney was a lumber baron who built a menagerie on his 200 acre tract of land east of Green Lake. In the 1940s it became home to a bizarre spectacle as the monkeys in captivity went to war with each other.

Episode 41: The Denny Regrade

with John Keister

The landscape of Seattle has been drastically altered by man. At the site of present day Belltown there used to be a massive hill stretching from Pike Place Market to the Seattle Center. What happened to this piece of land?

Episode 40: The Love Israel Cult

with Maddie Downes

Love Israel and his followers believed we are all one, love is the answer, and drugs got you closer to God. They lived on Queen Anne Hill for years until cocaine and financial troubles tore them apart.

Episode 39: Henry Yesler

with Brett Hamil

Henry Yesler’s sawmill transformed the young city of Seattle and brought jobs, money, and opportunity. This two time mayor and captain of industry led a fascinating personal life with an open marriage and attempts to communicate with the dead.

Episode 38: Bigfoot

with Nancy Guppy

The mythological creature of Bigfoot has origins in Coast Salish legends and has been a staple of the Northwest for years. While there have been thousands of sightings, there is no clear evidence that the beast actually exists.

Episode 37: The Seattle Pilots

with Justin Sund

Before Seattle had the Mariners it had the Pilots. Seattle’s first major league baseball team was a disaster, the stadium was a wreck, they lasted one season and finished in last place.

Episode 36: The Mercer Girls

with Gregr

The Mercers were one of the first families to homestead in Seattle. On the frontier there was a severe shortage of women, and young Asa Mercer decided to take matters into his own hands and solve the problem personally. It did not go well.

Episode 35: The Chinese Riots

with Zak Nelson

America has a long history of institutionalized racism and the Northwest is no exception. After the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 a large portion of the white population of Seattle decided to take matters into their own hands and drive Chinese immigrants out of town once and for all.

Episode 34: Chief Seattle

with Adina Gillet

Chief Seattle was a young boy when white explorers made first contact with the natives on Puget Sound. Over the course of his life he saw the complete transformation of his ancestral homeland and displacement of his people to small reservations.

Episode 33: Women’s Suffrage

with Laura Turner

The fight for women’s suffrage in Washington was always one step forward, two steps back. In the 1880s the right was granted, only to be taken away of few years later.

Episode 32: Vic Meyers

with Jim Stewart Allen

Vic Meyers was a successful band leader and vaudeville entertainer. His joke candidacy for Seattle mayor led to a career in politics and a five time stint as Lieutenant Governor.

Episode 31: Dave Beck

with David Gordon

Dave Beck worked his way up from abject poverty to become president of the most powerful union in the country. He shaped the city the way he wanted it to be, until he abused his power and lost it all.

Episode 30: Alexander Pantages

with Brandon Felker

Alexander Pantages ran away from his home in the Greek Isles at age 9. He wandered the world, worked hard, and became one of the most powerful men in the history of show business.

Episode 29: Marion Zioncheck

with Jacob Burgess

Marion Zioncheck grew up as a dirt poor Polish immigrant in Seattle’s Skid Road district. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps, became a lawyer, and was elected to congress from Washington’s first district. The future looked bright, but an undiagnosed mental illness proved to be his undoing.

Episode 28: The City of Ballard

with Matt Hatfield

William Ballard was Captain of a small ship in Puget Sound’s mosquito fleet. A losing coin toss left him in possession of 160 acres of land north of Seattle which came to bear his name. A contentious battle over water left the young city of Ballard annexed into larger and more powerful neighboring Seattle.

Episode 27: Mother Ryther

with Kayla Teel

Olive Ryther was a housewife and mother who made a simple pledge in 1884 to never turn away a child she could help. Over the next 50 years she took in over 3,000 needy children and family members. Her legacy lives on to this day where the Ryther organization continues to serve the greater Seattle area and focuses on helping children with behavioral and substance abuse problems.

Episode 26: The Reverend Mark Matthews

with Steve Lange

The Reverend Mark Matthews believed that faith and politics should intertwined, which made him one of the most powerful and controversial pastors in the country.

Episode 25: The 1962 World’s Fair

with Alison Lührs

Ten million people visited the Century 21 Exposition, better known as the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. It started as the idea of a man whose life was touched by a similar event years earlier, and gave us the Space Needle, the Seattle Center campus, and Key Arena among so much more.

Episode 24: Anna Louise Strong

with Glenn Bristol

Anna Louise Strong was one of the most influential socialist writers of her generation. Her politics took her all over the world, but she is most remembered for the work she did in Seattle.

Episode 22: Strike!

with Tim Tracey

A small dispute over shipbuilders in 1919 escalated into the first general strike in the United States. Around 100,000 workers, a third of Seattle’s population, walked off the job, shutting down the city.

Episode 21: The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

with Randy Miller

In 1909 Seattle hosted its first world’s fair, a raucous and wild event that resembled a turn of the century Burning Man and left us with the University of Washington campus. The expo was hailed for its efforts to highlight our city to the world, but its legacy is marred by racist exhibits and the raffling off of a baby.

Episode 20: Hiram Gill

with Clayton Weller

Hiram Gill was a notoriously corrupt politician who served as mayor of Seattle. His time in office was a disaster and his legacy is one of the strangest of any mayor before or since.

Episode 19: George Vancouver

with Josh Chambers

George Vancouver was a British captain who “discovered” Puget Sound and proceeded to name everything in sight after himself and his colleagues.

Episode 18: The Everett Massacre

with Britney Barber

The Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies were a powerful union who fought for worker’s rights. An armed conflict between the union and authorities in 1916 was the bloodiest labor conflict in Northwest history.

Episode 17: Gay and Lesbian History

with Stephani Thompson

Today’s episode is a brief overview of gay and lesbian history in Seattle from 1893 to the present.

Episode 16: George Bartell

with Kris Corbitt

Trusted around here since 1890. George Bartell began training as a pharmacist at age 14. He sought adventure first on the American frontier, then in the Klondike gold rush, before building a drug store empire that thrives to this day.

Episode 15: Frances Farmer

with Elena Martinez

Frances Farmer was a bright and talented, but somewhat troubled young actress who had the misfortune of entering the mental health care system of the 1940s and 50s.

Episode 14: The Seattle Metropolitans

with Nathan Cox

Seattle got its first hockey team in 1916. The following year the 1917 Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team ever to win the Stanley Cup.

Episode 13: D.B. Cooper

with Kesan Holt

In 1971 D.B. Cooper hijacked an airplane, collected a $200,000 ransom then disappeared without a trace. It is to date the only unsolved skyjacking in American history.

Episode 12: Ivar Haglund

with Graham Downing

Restauranteur. Folk singer. Entertainer. King of the publicity stunt. Ivar Haglund is often cited as the person who most exemplifies Seattle.

Episode 11: Shanghaied

with Molly Arkin

Forcing sailors to work on ships against their will was big money in the old Northwest, and no one took advantage of men better than Maxwell Levy, king of the Port Townsend crimpers.

Episode 10: Linda Hazzard

with Phill Arensberg

Seattle’s first female serial killer, Linda Hazzard was a quack doctor who starved her patients to death and helped herself to their valuables.

Episode 9: The Holy Rollers Sex Cult

with Mandy Price

Franz Edmund Creffield was a charismatic madman who charmed a group of Oregonians into his cult at the turn of the century.

Episode 8: John Considine

with John Boyle

John Considine was king of the box houses and one of the most powerful men on Skid Row. He was able to shoot down the chief of police in broad daylight and walk away a free man.

Episode 7: John Nordstrom

with Douglas Willott

John Nordstrom was a young Swedish immigrant with five dollars in his pocket. He went on an adventure looking for Klondike gold and became one of the most successful businessmen in Seattle history.

Episode 6: Goodspaceguy

with Mike Murphy

Goodspaceguy has run for office in Washington State 16 times and has never won. Who is this strange candidate and what does he stand for?

Episode 5: Roy Olmstead

with Alex Grindeland

Roy Olmstead was a police lieutenant turned bootlegger. He detested violence yet was able to run one of the most successful bootlegging operations during American prohibition.

Episode 4: Shelly’s Leg

with Kate Jaeger

On July 14, Bastille Day, 1970, a wet wad of confetti was shot out of a cannon and struck a woman directly in the torso. She lost her leg, but gained ownership of a Gay Disco club.

Episode 3: Frederick Trump

with Elicia Wickstead

Donald Trump’s grandfather was a German immigrant who moved to Seattle in 1891. The seed money for his family’s later real estate ventures came largely from his ownership of several houses of prostitution right here in the Northwest.

Episode 2: The Pig War

with Jon Axell

The United States and Great Britain almost went to war in 1859 after a small skirmish between civilians on a remote piece of disputed territory in the San Juan Islands. When all was said and done, the only victim of the lengthy standoff was a pig.

Episode 1: The Great Fire

with Ian Schempp

On June 6, 1889 a fire broke out in a cabinet maker’s shop downtown. The fire spread quickly and by the following morning the entire business district had burned to the ground.