Episode 4: Shelly’s Leg

with Kate Jaeger

On July 14, Bastille Day, 1970, a wet wad of confetti was shot out of a cannon and struck a woman directly in the torso. She lost her leg, but gained ownership of a Gay Disco club.

Episode 3: Frederick Trump

with Elicia Wickstead

Donald Trump’s grandfather was a German immigrant who moved to Seattle in 1891. The seed money for his family’s later real estate ventures came largely from his ownership of several houses of prostitution right here in the Northwest.

Episode 2: The Pig War

with Jon Axell

The United States and Great Britain almost went to war in 1859 after a small skirmish between civilians on a remote piece of disputed territory in the San Juan Islands. When all was said and done, the only victim of the lengthy standoff was a pig.

Episode 1: The Great Fire

with Ian Schempp

On June 6, 1889 a fire broke out in a cabinet maker’s shop downtown. The fire spread quickly and by the following morning the entire business district had burned to the ground.