Episode 9: The Holy Rollers Sex Cult

with Mandy Price

Franz Edmund Creffield was a charismatic madman who charmed a group of Oregonians into his cult at the turn of the century.

Episode 8: John Considine

with John Boyle

John Considine was king of the box houses and one of the most powerful men on Skid Row. He was able to shoot down the chief of police in broad daylight and walk away a free man.

Episode 7: John Nordstrom

with Douglas Willott

John Nordstrom was a young Swedish immigrant with five dollars in his pocket. He went on an adventure looking for Klondike gold and became one of the most successful businessmen in Seattle history.

Episode 6: Goodspaceguy

with Mike Murphy

Goodspaceguy has run for office in Washington State 16 times and has never won. Who is this strange candidate and what does he stand for?

Episode 5: Roy Olmstead

with Alex Grindeland

Roy Olmstead was a police lieutenant turned bootlegger. He detested violence yet was able to run one of the most successful bootlegging operations during American prohibition.