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Episode 6: Goodspaceguy

Goodspaceguy (born Michael Nelson) has run for office in Washington State 16 times.  Who is this strange candidate and what does he stand for?

MurphyToday’s Guest:

Mike Murphy has been improvising since 1998 and is a current ensemble member at Jet City Improv. You can currently see him in Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas at Jet City as the titular character. “The real pleasure of this show… is in seeing exactly how Murphy will wreak havoc on this delicate nostalgia; he’s quick on his feet, with a wicked glint in his eye and a mischievous smile that draws you in…” – Richard Morin, The Seattle Weekly. This January 8th and 9th he will be a writer for 14/48 at the ACT Theater.


Audio File:

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