Episode 13: D.B. Cooper

with Kesan Holt

In 1971 D.B. Cooper hijacked an airplane, collected a $200,000 ransom then disappeared without a trace. It is to date the only unsolved skyjacking in American history.

Episode 12: Ivar Haglund

with Graham Downing

Restauranteur. Folk singer. Entertainer. King of the publicity stunt. Ivar Haglund is often cited as the person who most exemplifies Seattle.

Episode 11: Shanghaied

with Molly Arkin

Forcing sailors to work on ships against their will was big money in the old Northwest, and no one took advantage of men better than Maxwell Levy, king of the Port Townsend crimpers.

Episode 10: Linda Hazzard

with Phill Arensberg

Seattle’s first female serial killer, Linda Hazzard was a quack doctor who starved her patients to death and helped herself to their valuables.