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Episode 10: Linda Hazzard

Seattle’s first female serial killer, Linda Hazzard was a quack doctor who starved her patients to death and helped herself to their valuables.


 Phill-A1440Today’s Guest:

Phill Arensberg is an improvisor, actor and writer. He’s an ensemble member with Jet City Improv and can be seen in numerous productions around Seattle including “Questionable Content” at Theater Schmeater, “The Lost Folio” and “Phill & Ian’s 20 Minute radio Hour”. A product of snooty Northeastern prep schools and an early diet of George Carlin, Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, Phill studied writing at Connecticut College and improvisation at the Second City Training Center. He loves acting history, Lovecraftian humor, cooking and his fiancée.


Audio File:

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