Episode 22: Strike!

with Tim Tracey

A small dispute over shipbuilders in 1919 escalated into the first general strike in the United States. Around 100,000 workers, a third of Seattle’s population, walked off the job, shutting down the city.

Episode 21: The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

with Randy Miller

In 1909 Seattle hosted its first world’s fair, a raucous and wild event that resembled a turn of the century Burning Man and left us with the University of Washington campus. The expo was hailed for its efforts to highlight our city to the world, but its legacy is marred by racist exhibits and the raffling off of a baby.

Episode 20: Hiram Gill

with Clayton Weller

Hiram Gill was a notoriously corrupt politician who served as mayor of Seattle. His time in office was a disaster and his legacy is one of the strangest of any mayor before or since.

Episode 19: George Vancouver

with Josh Chambers

George Vancouver was a British captain who “discovered” Puget Sound and proceeded to name everything in sight after himself and his colleagues.

Episode 18: The Everett Massacre

with Britney Barber

The Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies were a powerful union who fought for worker’s rights. An armed conflict between the union and authorities in 1916 was the bloodiest labor conflict in Northwest history.