Episode 26: The Reverend Mark Matthews

with Steve Lange

The Reverend Mark Matthews believed that faith and politics should intertwined, which made him one of the most powerful and controversial pastors in the country.

Episode 25: The 1962 World’s Fair

with Alison L├╝hrs

Ten million people visited the Century 21 Exposition, better known as the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. It started as the idea of a man whose life was touched by a similar event years earlier, and gave us the Space Needle, the Seattle Center campus, and Key Arena among so much more.

Episode 24: Anna Louise Strong

with Glenn Bristol

Anna Louise Strong was one of the most influential socialist writers of her generation. Her politics took her all over the world, but she is most remembered for the work she did in Seattle.

Episode 23: Harry Allen

with Nick Edwards

Harry Allen was born Nell Pickerell in 1882. The life of a trans man at the turn of the century wasn’t easy, and his life was fraught with heartbreak, violence, and trouble with the law.