Episode 31: Dave Beck

with David Gordon

Dave Beck worked his way up from abject poverty to become president of the most powerful union in the country. He shaped the city the way he wanted it to be, until he abused his power and lost it all.

Episode 30: Alexander Pantages

with Brandon Felker

Alexander Pantages ran away from his home in the Greek Isles at age 9. He wandered the world, worked hard, and became one of the most powerful men in the history of show business.

Episode 29: Marion Zioncheck

with Jacob Burgess

Marion Zioncheck grew up as a dirt poor Polish immigrant in Seattle’s Skid Road district. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps, became a lawyer, and was elected to congress from Washington’s first district. The future looked bright, but an undiagnosed mental illness proved to be his undoing.

Episode 28: The City of Ballard

with Matt Hatfield

William Ballard was Captain of a small ship in Puget Sound’s mosquito fleet. A losing coin toss left him in possession of 160 acres of land north of Seattle which came to bear his name. A contentious battle over water left the young city of Ballard annexed into larger and more powerful neighboring Seattle.

Episode 27: Mother Ryther

with Kayla Teel

Olive Ryther was a housewife and mother who made a simple pledge in 1884 to never turn away a child she could help. Over the next 50 years she took in over 3,000 needy children and family members. Her legacy lives on to this day where the Ryther organization continues to serve the greater Seattle area and focuses on helping children with behavioral and substance abuse problems.