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Episode 28: The City of Ballard

William Ballard was Captain of a small ship in Puget Sound’s mosquito fleet.  A losing coin toss left him in possession of 160 acres of land north of Seattle which came to bear his name.  A contentious battle over water left the young city of Ballard annexed into larger and more powerful neighboring Seattle.

headshot2Today’s Guest:

Matt Hatfield is a founding member of sketch comedy group, “Drop the Root Beer and Run” and has been an improviser with ComedySportz Seattle as well as the improv groups “Matt-a-Graham”, “Whattabout” and “Matt-enee”. He is also a board member for the Pocket Theater and the creator and manager of Seattle’s online comedy database seattlecomedy.org. Matt has an armadillo tattoo, is an avid TV watcher, monster enthusiast, and a cat co-father who really enjoys drinking juice.

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  1. We saw this on facebook, very informative! We love history, My family is Scandinavian and settled in Oregon during this time period, so gave me some insight. (Andersens) I also enjoyed hearing my Sons voice! great job Chris and Matt!

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