Episode 35: The Chinese Riots

with Zak Nelson

America has a long history of institutionalized racism and the Northwest is no exception. After the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 a large portion of the white population of Seattle decided to take matters into their own hands and drive Chinese immigrants out of town once and for all.

Episode 34: Chief Seattle

with Adina Gillet

Chief Seattle was a young boy when white explorers made first contact with the natives on Puget Sound. Over the course of his life he saw the complete transformation of his ancestral homeland and displacement of his people to small reservations.

Episode 33: Women’s Suffrage

with Laura Turner

The fight for women’s suffrage in Washington was always one step forward, two steps back. In the 1880s the right was granted, only to be taken away of few years later.

Episode 32: Vic Meyers

with Jim Stewart Allen

Vic Meyers was a successful band leader and vaudeville entertainer. His joke candidacy for Seattle mayor led to a career in politics and a five time stint as Lieutenant Governor.