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Episode 34: Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle was a young boy when white explorers made first contact with the natives on Puget Sound.  Over the course of his life he saw the complete transformation of his ancestral homeland and displacement of his people to small reservations.

4380-Edit_KWBToday’s Guest:

Adina Gillett is a Seattle-based Improvisational Comedy Actor and Director. She has been a company member of Jet City Improv since 1999, and can tell you stories about the past century while gently rocking on a porch swing. She has had her hands in creating and directing many improvised plays such as ‘Lovetanic’, ‘Lease – Seattle’s Own Rock Opera’, ‘Inferno’, ‘CUT!’, and others. When Adina isn’t doing the aforementioned things, she is a Hypnotherapist and owner of Bear Creek Hypnotherapy, helping people conquer fears and achieve health and happiness goals. If you set a spell on her porch swing, she’d be tickled to tell you all the surprising and wonderful ways that Improv and Hypnotherapy are connected.

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