Episode 39: Henry Yesler

with Brett Hamil

Henry Yesler’s sawmill transformed the young city of Seattle and brought jobs, money, and opportunity. This two time mayor and captain of industry led a fascinating personal life with an open marriage and attempts to communicate with the dead.

Episode 38: Bigfoot

with Nancy Guppy

The mythological creature of Bigfoot has origins in Coast Salish legends and has been a staple of the Northwest for years. While there have been thousands of sightings, there is no clear evidence that the beast actually exists.

Episode 37: The Seattle Pilots

with Justin Sund

Before Seattle had the Mariners it had the Pilots. Seattle’s first major league baseball team was a disaster, the stadium was a wreck, they lasted one season and finished in last place.

Episode 36: The Mercer Girls

with Gregr

The Mercers were one of the first families to homestead in Seattle. On the frontier there was a severe shortage of women, and young Asa Mercer decided to take matters into his own hands and solve the problem personally. It did not go well.