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Episode 37: The Seattle Pilots

Before Seattle had the Mariners it had the Pilots.  Seattle’s first major league baseball team was a disaster, the stadium was a wreck, they lasted one season and finished in last place.

Justin_Sund_HeadshotToday’s Guest:

Justin Sund is a Seattle based (former) improv comedian, director and producer. He was a performing member with Jet City Improv and Twisted Flicks from 2000 to 2010 and directed (co or otherwise) several shows at Jet City, including CUT!, D.R., Lease: Seattle’s Own Rock Opera, Lovetanic, Goin’ Steady and Dirty Laundry. Justin performed and toured with the internationally acclaimed and “politically irreverent” Election Show, as well as the raunchy cult-hit two-man stroke-fest Cupcake. He has performed at over a dozen comedy festivals, including the Del Close Marathon, Chicago Improv Festival and, of course, the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, which he helped get off the ground in 2001. Maybe it was 2002? It’s been around for a while, he knows that. Justin is currently working behind the scenes on John and Ryan’s Half Hour Comedy Hour.

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