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Episode 38: Bigfoot

The mythological creature of Bigfoot has origins in Coast Salish legends and has been a staple of the Northwest for years.  While there have been thousands of sightings, there is no clear evidence that the beast actually exists.

nancy headshot SIRENToday’s Guests:

Nancy Guppy was a cast member of KING TV’s late night comedy show “Almost Live” for 10 years. She is currently host/senior producer of  “Art Zone with Nancy Guppy”, a TV show about the local art scene that airs on Seattle Channel 21.  www.seattlechannel.org/artzone

Douglas Willott is a Seattle based professional performer, director, and arts educator. He’s performed with Jet City Improv regularly since 1996, and worked with many of Seattle’s beloved theaters over the years. Learn more about Doug and see him in action at douglaswillot.net.

Alison Lührs is an actor, playwright, improviser and professional Wizard. Recent credits include Strangers (Mirum Mirum Productions), Vicious and Vulgar (Mirum Mirum Productions) Black Flag (Jet City Improv) and the serial podcast Mermaid in Manhattan. Alison is a cast member at Jet City Improv and a producer of the College Improv Tournament.

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