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Episode 39: Henry Yesler

Henry Yesler’s sawmill transformed the young city of Seattle and brought jobs, money, and opportunity.  This two time mayor and captain of industry led a fascinating personal life with an open marriage and attempts to communicate with the dead.

bhprofile-medToday’s Guest:

Brett Hamil is a standup comic, columnist for City Arts and host of The Seattle Process with Brett Hamil, a political comedy talk show at Northwest Film Forum. His debut comedy album, Grower, is available on the internet. He’s lived in Seattle since 2000.

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  1. Love the idea of this Podcast–Ijust found out about it and am pretty sure I will tear through it. But, your intro implies that you are a stickler for doing Seattle the service of saving its history. As an Ohio transplant living in Seattle now, I would just like to point out Massillon Ohio is pronounced with 3 syllables. MASS-ih-luhn.

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