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Episode 41: The Denny Regrade

The landscape of Seattle has been drastically altered by man.  At the site of present day Belltown there used to be a massive hill stretching from Pike Place Market to the Seattle Center.  What happened to this piece of land?

John Keister headshotToday’s Guests:

John Keister is best known as host of the long running local sketch program Almost Live.  He is the recipient of ten local Emmy awards and could be seen most recently on The 206.

David B. Williams is a former national park ranger, geologist, and author of the book Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography.  You can learn more about him or purchase his book here.

Kate Jaeger is very active in the Seattle theatre community as an actor, director, improviser, emcee and educator. Locally she has performed with Village Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Balagan Theatre, ArtsWest, Book-It’s Touring Company, Macha Monkey and Teatro Zinzanni. Kate is a proud member of Jet City Improv.

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  1. Loved this episode. Been a while since you have done a new one, missed the podcast.
    Is there a way to get access to the slide show you shared at Bumbershoot. I would love to see some of those pictures

    Also, been meaning to mention, have you done an episode on the old for profit Seattle aquarium? Might be an interesting show……

    Thanks for the great podcast

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