Episode 47: Federal Way

with Greg Stackhouse

Between Seattle and Tacoma sits a town everyone has been through but no one knows anything about.  What is the history behind the worst named city in Washington?

Episode 46: Phoenix Jones

with Daniel Stoltenberg

A costumed man patrols the streets of Seattle looking for crime to fight.  Some call him a hero and others call him delusional. Who is Phoenix Jones?

Episode 45: Black Market Butter

with Michael Draper

A notoriously corrupt Spokane police department spent the Great Depression robbing creameries and selling the stolen butter on the black market.  A murder committed during one of these robberies went unsolved for over fifty years until a modern day investigator solved the case.

Episode 44: The Cult of Ramtha

with Caitlin Obom

J.Z. Knight claims she can channel a 35,000 warrior spirit from the lost continent of Lemuria.  Along with her spirit guide she runs a cult out of the small Washington town of Yelm and has thousands of followers worldwide.