Episode 48: Wild Man of the Wynoochee

with Mike Schubert

John Tornow was an outcast from society who chose to live alone in the seclusion of the woods rather than in society.  After a family dispute turned deadly he became a hunted man in a wilderness he knew better than anyone.

Episode 47: Federal Way

with Greg Stackhouse

Between Seattle and Tacoma sits a town everyone has been through but no one knows anything about.  What is the history behind the worst named city in Washington?

Episode 46: Phoenix Jones

with Daniel Stoltenberg

A costumed man patrols the streets of Seattle looking for crime to fight.  Some call him a hero and others call him delusional. Who is Phoenix Jones?

Episode 45: Black Market Butter

with Michael Draper

A notoriously corrupt Spokane police department spent the Great Depression robbing creameries and selling the stolen butter on the black market.  A murder committed during one of these robberies went unsolved for over fifty years until a modern day investigator solved the case.

Episode 44: The Cult of Ramtha

with Caitlin Obom

J.Z. Knight claims she can channel a 35,000 warrior spirit from the lost continent of Lemuria.  Along with her spirit guide she runs a cult out of the small Washington town of Yelm and has thousands of followers worldwide.