Episode 52: The Weyerhaeuser Kidnapping

with Jeff Nickels

In 1935 young George Weyerhaeuser was kidnapped walking home from school in Tacoma.  Over the following days the wealthy lumber family scrambled to meet the ransom demands and get him back safe.

Episode 51: Lavender Country

with John Wachter

Gay country and western band Lavender Country released their first album in 1973.  Despite brilliant songwriting and musicianship the band never achieved mainstream success due to their defiant and “out” content.  

Episode 50: Mount St. Helens

with Emmett Montgomery

In 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted, shooting ash all across the world.  While most panicked, one strong willed resident refused to leave.

Episode 49: Doc Maynard

with Anthony Householder

After his marriage fell apart in Ohio Dr. David Swinson Maynard headed west on the Oregon Trail to get a fresh start in California.  On the way he found love, changed course, and helped found the city of Seattle.