Episode 57: The Ghoul of Grays Harbor

with Jekeva Phillips

Deranged serial killer Billy Gohl might be the most prolific serial killer in US history.  Estimates of his death toll range as high as 200.

Episode 56: Louie Louie

with Jordan Moeller

Louie Louie is a sweet and simple love song, but because of an indecipherable recording by The Kingsmen in the 1960s it became the subject of a year long FBI investigation over indecency charges.

Episode 55: The Rajneeshpuram Cult

with Samantha Demboski

Before changing his name to Osho, spiritual leader Rajneesh led a cult in Oregon that was responsible for the largest bio-terrorist attack on US soul.

Episode 54: The Ballard Locks

with Ben Lidgus

When it came to connecting Lake Washington, Lake Union, and Puget Sound, engineering genius Hiram M. Chittenden developed a system of locks that is a modern marvel.

Episode 53: Bobo the Gorilla

with Caitie Auld

Can you raise a Gorilla to act like a human?  No you can’t, but that didn’t stop one Anacortes family from trying.