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Episode 55: The Rajneeshpuram Cult

Before changing his name to Osho, spiritual leader Rajneesh led a cult in Oregon that was responsible for the largest bio-terrorist attack every committed on US soul.

Today’s Guests:

Samantha Demboski is an improv and sketch comedian, fringe theater artist, and all-around mostly reasonable person. She is a founding member of groups Fifty Percent Less Bear and BEEF!, the creator/producer of NASTY Improv, and is half of the writer/director/performer duo behind This Is My Dinner–the performance-art-dramedy-musical hitting your hearts and mindsĀ in 2018. She has also performed with Being Humans, Specific Northwest, and IMPROVATRON, and has talked about doing stand-up for a long time but keeps finding reasons to not try it. She is just now noticing how many of these names are in ALL CAPS.

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